About Us

Craft Yolks

Artisanal Cured Egg Yolks

We here at Craft Yolks believe in delivering the highest quality Cured Egg Yolks. We start with the very best Organic ingredients when developing our recipes. We strive for excellence when Crafting our Yolks, so that you may enjoy a wonderful product that you can be proud to showcase on all of your favorite dishes. We are based in Las Vegas, Nevada, and we strongly believe in sourcing our ingredients locally from farmers and ranchers that are passionate about what they do. We feel that passion is the only way to create something extraordinary.

The company was founded by Joy Fama and Luis Gonzalez. Once the idea was conceived, the real work began. Being both business partners and good friends, we are very passionate about food and want to make that the focal point of the company. With much success, we started by using the Cured Egg Yolks while working with our catering company, @itsinseason. Once the recipes were in place and we refined our craft, we knew it was time for us to present our delicious creations to you.

If you are interested in the development of our brand and want to find out more about our company, please follow us on instagram @Craftyolkslv and @itsinseason.

For inquiries about wholesale prices of our Cured Egg Yolks for small businesses and Restaurants, please email the following address with any questions.