Our Mission

Our Mission

Home Of the Finest Cured Egg Yolks

Craft Yolks is dedicated to creating superb quality Cured Egg Yolks for use at home or at your restaurant. We strongly believe that our egg yolks will add depth, texture, and brightness to all of your dishes. We started using Cured Egg Yolks in our own dishes when cooking for our guest of the parent company It’s In Season. Our guest loved the experience of eating our amazing creations. Our Cured Yolks are handcrafted by Chef Joy Fama Owner and Operator of It’s In Season Catering company in Sunny Las Vegas Nevada. We are very passionate about our product and believe that Cured Egg Yolks will make a major splash on the Culinary Scene Nationally and Internationally.

We begin by sourcing out the highest quality eggs from local farms which not only benefits our community but brings you the highest quality Cured Egg Yolks available on the market. We found that the quality of the Egg Yolks makes all the difference in the end result., and we hope that you taste the difference when you have one of our Cured Egg Yolks. Remember that when you Buy Cured Egg Yolks from us, you are directly contributing to small communities of Craft Farmers and Ranchers in our area.

The curing process is a very delicate on that requires time and effort to execute properly. Over time we have developed a method that yields the best flavor and texture by allowing the curing process the right amount of time before finalizing. Cured Egg Yolks are a form of art and we believed that its time the world tasted this fine creation. The versatility of Cured Egg Yolks in the various types of dishes and can definitely add a unique touch to your dishes whether they be for your family or for your customers.

Cured Egg Yolks are being featured in many major blogs and recipes all over the internet and you can find them in fine Kitchens all around the world. You can save time and energy by buying our Cured Egg Yolks and having them shipped straight to your door today. Use these beautiful Cured Egg Yolks next time you serve a special or when you want to impress your guest at your next dinner. Shave them on your favorite pasta or thinly slice them over ice cream to add a flavor that your guest will not soon forget. Make Craft Yolks a part of your family and bring this awesome ingredient to your Kitchen today.

If you would like to find out more about our Cured Egg Yolks follow us on Instagram @Craftyolkslv and on @itsinseason. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or comments and we will be happy to respond as soon as possible.